Thursday, June 29, 2017

Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt - 2017

It's that time of year again! Summer is here and that means doing a photo scavenger hunt. This year I'm following along with Mary-Lou of Patio Postcards who has graciously provided us with a list of items to find and photograph. 

We don't usually get into the swing of things until the school year has ended and Richard's bus driving duties are put on hold for a while. Today is his last day so we should be getting out there soon to tackle the list. In the meantime, I have one photo to share:

#1 - Something Fuzzy

This might look like dandelions growing wild in a field but this is actually what my neighbour's entire backyard looks like. Yikes! I don't have anything against dandelions but they are a bit messy in a yard.

Good luck to everyone on your hunt!

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. Good start & thanks for joining in Susan. We have a few neighbours that just let their lawn go to seed & they tried to claim it was for the bees but the local beekeeper told them it doesn't hinder the bees if you cut your dandelions - it makes me laugh. See you in August for the next link in.

  2. Dandelion clocks are a great choice for fuzzy. Yes although I have declared I like dandelions that could be just a bit much!
    Look forward to seeing what else you find.

  3. Dandelions are a great pick for fuzzy, and I'm quite sure I wouldn't have thought of them.

  4. Great shot! Yeah that would bug me too. :( Where is the curb appeal pride?

  5. That is a lot of fuzziness in one garden! Great photo.


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