Friday, June 21, 2013

Summertime Photo Challenge...

It's Summertime!  And although the day started out cool and gloomy, and the skies looked like they were threatening rain, it turned into a beautiful day for the first day of summer.  This year I've decided to participate in a summertime photography challenge.  While reading Sian's blog yesterday and the story of her trip to the museum with her adorably interesting nephew, Little E, she made mention of Rinda's photo challenge and I decided to see what it was all about.

The basic idea is that you have until the last day of summer to capture photographs of the following things on the scavenger hunt list:

1. Open air market
2. Theater for performing arts (not a movie theater)
3. City Hall, Capitol or other similar civic building
4. Airplane
5. A sunset
6. Someone or something taking a nap
7. A sign that is intentionally or unintentionally funny
8. A tower
9. A photo with someone or something that is clearly out of place or doesn't belong
10. A bench that is outside
11. An animal in a zoo, aquarium, nature preserve, etc.
12. A cloud in the shape of something (please specify what you see)
13. A fence
14. A stained glass object or a mosaic
15. A fire truck or police car
16. A windmill
17. Candle(s)
18. Your local pub/bar, coffee house or tea shop
19. A fisherman
20. A dinosaur
21. A photograph of you with an artistic tool or craft supply

I think it will be a challenge to find some of these things but I love a challenge.  I think this will get us out and doing things this summer that we might not have done otherwise.  And I am a sad case when it comes to taking pictures (I'm still scrapping photos from a couple years back!) so this should encourage me to use my camera more.  It's a good thing, any way you look at it!  If you're interested in joining in on Rinda's challenge you can read all about it here

I'll leave you with some photos from my backyard garden - proof that summer is coming into bloom!

Happy Summer!

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. It's such a lot of fun! I love to see the different takes on the prompts coming from all over the world

  2. Oh that is exciting that you are playing along with the hunt! I saw the list yesterday too and was debating on whether to play along. Maybe you will want to snap a photo of the firetruck in our playground! Remember the bison in that area near us too. Unless you are wanting a trip to the Vally Zoo. I personally love trips to the zoo! Good for you for taking out your camera. Love your garden shots!


Thanks! I appreciate your comments.