Thursday, April 18, 2013

When a Notebook is No Longer a Notebook...

I've been very busy sleuthing with the CSI (Colors, Stories, Inspiration) site the past couple of months.  These challenges are so inspiring and I always look forward to Friday evening when the new challenge is revealed.  After reading all the details I grab a scrap of paper and jot down the five colours of the palette as well as the Evidence and Testimony requirements.  I like to have this basic information handy as reference when I'm working on my page.
This week as I was making my notes I remarked to Richard that I should get myself a little black notebook, you know, sort of like real detectives have for making notes on the case they're solving. ;-)  Plus, I really like notebooks and can always find a use for a new one.  So next morning off we went to the office supply store.
As soon as we entered the store we were approached by a young boy who asked if we needed help finding anything.  "I'm looking for a small notebook", I said.  "Okay", he said, muttering something to himself about technology and led us off in the total opposite direction of where I was expecting the notebooks to be.  Next thing I know he's waving his arm in the general direction of where the printers and computers are located saying, "You'll find one somewhere in there".  I was confused.  And then it dawned on me that we were from two very different generations and his idea of a notebook was obviously not the same as mine.
"Oh.  Um, no", I said.  "I'm looking for a tiny, with pages inside."  And I laughed.  I couldn't help it.  "Ohhhh" he said, with a bit of an embarrassed look on his face, and led me off in the direction I'd originally thought we should be going.  There was a nice assortment of old-fashioned notebooks and I picked out a black one which should fit my sleuthing needs just fine.

The world sure has changed and I'm beginning to feel like a bit of a dinosaur these days but as long as I never walk into the office supply store and have to explain to someone what a piece of paper is I think I'll be okay.  ;-)

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. The world sure has changed hasn't it. LOL I am a bit of a dinosaur too. I prefer the paper method vs. the "smart" phone and other technology.

  2. LOL That is too funny! Yeah, I'm right with you and Michelle... one of the dinosaurs! Love your little detective book!

  3. DUH!!!! I know of a person who was a cop who used notebooks for 26yrs. He has a stash of them NOT used. You know him, perhaps you should ask him for one or two. I am sure that he would not mind !!! dbnl

  4. ..... I forgot ... Maybe you will get some for your upcoming birthday. Now wouldn't that be special!!! dbnl

  5. What a hoot....shows how much the world has changed. I can remember not wanting to have a computer in the house, as I thought the boys would just play games on it. Your page is striking and the pie charts cracked the case wide open. :)


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