Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

A couple of weeks ago when I was at Jen's for Scrappy Tuesday we made a quick stop at Home Sense as I was in need of a towel for my  bathroom.  In addition to having some awesome kitchen and home decor products and great deals on towels, there's also a small scrapbooking section where, if you're really lucky and arrive on the right day, you might find something really amazing for an even more amazing price. 
For example, about a month ago we happened upon the entire Crate Paper Restorations paper pack for only $4.99!  I had already owned this collection (thanks to Jen) and have used it over the past couple of years, but at $4.99 who could resist, even though it's an older paper line.  I still love it as much as I originally did!  But back to the more recent find...
I'm not very good when it comes to scrappy shopping.  Even though I've been scrapping now for four years I still tend to get overwhelmed when confronted with an abundance of product.  But Jen has an eagle eye.  She's always up-to-date with what's out there.  She knows what to look for and scans the displays quickly and efficiently.  Within what seemed mere seconds of arriving at the scrapbooking aisle she was already squealing with excitement for this is what she'd found:

...Amy Tangerine's Ready Set Go line and Studio Calico's Yearbook and Hey Day collections complete with stickers and alphas in some of the packs.  And all for only $4.99 each!
Jen told me that she had bought all three lines at full price - one of them about a year ago but two of them around Christmas time.  That's only 3 months ago!  And that drove home the point of why it's not always a good idea to rush out and buy things as soon as they come out.  There's no guarantee of what you might find if you wait but there will always be good deals to be found eventually.  It was very confirming for Jen that she's doing the right thing with her No Buy Challenge because she knows she will still pick up some great product next year and probably at a great price.
As for me, I spent a few minutes debating how much paper I really needed and which of them I should buy but in the end I snatched up all three packs and cradled them lovingly in my arms.  At $4.99 each that's about a 70% saving from full price.  How could I resist? 

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. I still get excited when I look at those three packs knowing that it cost a total of $15!! Next year will be so much fun to shop the deals. A new scrappy leaf has been turned over. :)

  2. Wow, Susan! You found some great deals!!! Our Home Goods doesn't have scrappy goodies. It is very seldom that I find deals like that anywhere!! You did good!

  3. Wow, you two are extremely good at sniffing out a bargain!


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