Thursday, October 27, 2011

Little Houses Cross-Stitch

Often now, during my Crafty Tuesday get-together with Jen, we spend the day working on our cross-stitch projects.  What could be more relaxing than spending the day together stitching, chatting and having tea?  Not much.  I also do some of my stitching at home otherwise it would take me forever to finish this project.  I've been trying to take photos now and then so I'll have a record of my progress.  It's fun to see how this pattern is slowly taking shape.

So this is what it's looking like so far...

I'm totally enjoying working with the Monaco fabric that I chose and counting threads has become second-nature to me.  I love the refined look it produces.  I have to say, there's something extremely satisfying in the simple act of making tiny x's with thread on a piece of fabric and seeing a beautiful design emerge.

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. Great job Susan. Once it is all complete, you will have to get it framed and hung in the house. It is a very homey design (no pun intended) I know Jen enjoys the crafty days. To bad this house has been full of sickies. But we are all better. dbnl

  2. So great to see the progress! You have me wanting to pick mine up again! Can't wait to stitch together next week!

  3. Love the idea of showing the progress of this beautiful project through pictures. Can't wait to have it on the wall. YDH

  4. It's truly lovely. Anything with houses on it really speaks to me :)

  5. Oooh, gorgeous! Love that little tree!


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