Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Doily Delight!

The long-awaited moment of assembling all of our doilies into their window boxes finally arrived today for Jen and I.  After putting in over 30 hours making the sixteen doilies, we were a bit nervous about how it would all come together in the end.  After agonizing a bit over which type of adhesive to use, we got to work and everything went quite smoothly.  The finished product is beautiful and was well worth the time we invested in making it.

We are so grateful that Christine Middlecamp was generous enough to share her ideas and post such a great tutorial on her blog.  I'm still trying to decide where to hang my shadow box but it will probably end up in my downstairs hallway so that I can look at it more often and will see it when I'm sitting in the livingroom. 

Although I loved working on this project every week with Jen, it really was labour-intensive so it feels like a good time to take a bit of a break and do something a bit simpler.  Cross-stitch!  It's been years since I've done any cross-stitching and I'm really looking forward to starting a sampler, something that I've always wanted to make.

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. A delight indeed! It looks amazing and what a great feeling to have completed this project. I would never have taken on something like this solo. Mine is up!! I put it in the main hallway so I will see it more. I agree that you will be able to enjoy yours more in your main hallway too!

  2. WOW you guys did a great job. All your hard work has come together into a great final product. Excellent work. NOW onto the next project. dbnl

  3. This looks amazing!!!! I love it!!! A great idea to put it where you can see it often!!!

  4. OMG OMG OMG! This is absolutely STUNNING, Susan! Wow...just wow. I love it! :) Where are you planning to hang it? Can't wait to see your cross-stitch projects!

  5. The day has finally come for one of your most beautiful work of art to come home. I had only seen pieces of the project on your blog but by holding and admiring the shadow box you can really appreciate the beauty and three dimensional quality of each doily. Will enjoy admiring it everyday. YDH


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