Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thought-Inspiring Journal Pages

A couple of weeks ago I was reading one of my favourite blogs, From High in the Sky.  Sian did a great post about fill-in-the-blank journal pages which she had found online through Pinterest.  She was generous enough to share one of her completed, and very amusing, journal pages with us and reading it really piqued my interest!

I knew I had to check out the source of these pages at Grace is Overrated and see what they were all about.  What I found was a wonderful collection of pages designed by Christie Zimmer, full of great quotes, fill-in-the-blanks and prompts to get you thinking and writing.  There are currently 45 pages which can be downloaded and printed and most of them are available in three formats:

  • borderless with lots of room for you to decorate the page how you like
  • colour-free border that you can colour in yourself
  • colourful border so the page will look great printed just as is

The funny thing is, I can remember that as a student at school I absolutely hated when the teacher would hand out sheets such as these for us to fill in.  Maybe because I'm such a rule-follower I felt that I should be answering the questions with sincere honesty and I didn't necessarily want to reveal or share things about myself.  Or maybe I was just too lazy to do hard thinking about my feelings on particular subjects.  I don't know.  In any case, at this point in my life it appeals to me to work on these sheets and capture small segments of my life and thoughts and feelings.  So I got a cool, lime green binder to store my journal pages:

And...I opted to print out the pages with the colour-free border because it gave me an excuse to finally buy these Sharpie markers which I have seen in the stores for years and always wanted but never had a use for.  The best part was that they happened to be on sale half price!

Thanks to Sian for blogging about these pages and thanks to Christie for putting the work into creating them.  This will be a fun project to work on without any particular timeline, just slowly, as the mood hits me.
Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. I love these pages! I read Sian's post on them and checked them out but as usual had tech trouble trying to get them. :( I figured they would be great for my smash book. Love your idea of colouring them and having them in their own journal. Nice markers and great price!! Have fun!!

  2. gee wiz ... love the marker colors.

  3. What a cool idea! I need to check these out! Do you think you'll scrap with them? Or keep them as a journal on their own?


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