Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring is in the Air...

Most definitely.  It's a beautiful sunny day today, the type of day that makes you feel alive and good.  Most of the snow has melted in our area.  This being our first winter here, we're not used to seeing such an accumulation of sand and stones in the streets - in Quebec they mostly use salt on the roads.  But I know that once the road crews have cleaned up this mess that's been left behind,  it'll be looking pretty good around here.

There are other small signs that better weather is upon us.

Matthew has an array of seedlings scattered around the kitchen - cucumbers, broccoli, tomatoes and peppers.  Gardening is his passion in life and he's worked the past two summers at the organic garden at his college where all the produce was donated to shelters for the homeless.  He was disappointed to leave this behind when we left Quebec, but as luck would have it he discovered that the church across the street from us has a community garden!  He signed up for a plot right away and has been busy preparing for the growing season.

The cats are hanging around the front door now.  They know spring is here.  They can feel it.  They can smell it.  They want out there!  They've lived their entire lives as outdoor cats but in this condo complex they're not allowed to roam free.  We haven't broken that news to them yet. ;-)  I think collars and leashes are in order here but I'm not sure how that'll go.  Poor kitties.  In the meantime it's quite the thing trying to keep them inside every time the door is opened!

And finally, some scrappy spring cleaning!  My entire paper collection has been sorted into piles by colour.  In doing this I've learned that green and blue are definitely my favourite colours and that I own exactly two sheets of purple paper.  Oh, and also that I have a lot of paper!  No more trips to the LSS for this scrapper for a while!  Hmmmm...wonder if I'll be able to stick to that promise? ;-)

I know this new way of organizing my paper will work much better for me especially as I try out the Counterfeit Kit Challenge for the first time.  The April kit was revealed this morning and I can't wait to dig into my stash and see what I can come up with.

I hope the sun is shining in your corner of the world too!

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. Matt's plants have grown since Saturday! I see he has transplanted to larger pots! Poor kitties. :( Lady too is enjoying springtime and wants to stay in the back a lot! She wandered away today but I only had about 3 minutes of panic before she showed up again. Phew!! Your paper looks terrific! Good luck with the kit! It is a good one. :)

  2. Lovely! There's just something about gardening, isn't there? Listen to me - LOL - I sound like I actually know what I'm talking about. But even just repotting my houseplants this weekend was pretty soothing. I can't wait for our sponge of a backyard to dry out so I can get out there and plant some flowers! In other news, I am drooling over your stash. Someone get me a towel. All that paper in one place? I think I'd build a bed out of it and sleep in it.


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