Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Two Days of Scrappy Bliss!!

It has been a total scrapfest for Jen and I the past two days!  Apart from taking breaks to eat (and sleep last night!) we did nothing but work on our parents' 50th wedding anniversary album.  We managed to complete three layouts each and almost finished a fourth before I had to head back home late this afternoon.

The layouts are coming along very nicely even though we're at the point of having to dealing with lots of hodge-podge mismatched photos that we need to somehow make look amazing on the page.  Yesterday we spent at least half an hour choosing papers for one of Jen's LOs.  Luckily, we work really well together and are happy to help each other out when we can.  I often rely on Jen to give me embellishing advice!

Of course, we always have the lovely Lady ready to lend a hand...uhmmm...I mean, a paw.  She likes to be up on one of our laps, pawing at our supplies or at our hands or chins when she wants to be petted.  Since I've been going over to Jen's on such a regular basis lately, Lady has finally decided that I am her friend and she'll come to me just as much as she does Jen when she wants some cuddling - which is most of the time!

Gus and Maggie, on the other hand, are very content to just nap on the floor amongst all the chewed up scraps of paper that the pups have pulled from the trash!

Not only did we have a great time scrapping, but Jen finally received the baker's twine that she ordered from The Twinery.  She gave me this wonderful packet of eight colours - mandarin, lilac, cappuccino, lemondrop, maraschino, caribbean, pink sorbet and peapod.  We have twine for life!  I can't wait to use these on some layouts.  Thanks Jen!

To top it all off, I stopped by the LSS on my way home this evening to pick up some of the new Maya Road Kraft Doilies for Jen and discovered that they had just received a shipment of all the new Cosmo Cricket products that were released at the recent CHA show. They hadn't even unpacked the boxes and it was pure yumminess looking at all that product sitting there!  We had been waiting to get some of the Butterflies & Doilies embellishments.  They come in three colourways to match the new CC lines Salt Air, Social Club and UPcycle.  What a deal at only $2 per pack!  We each got a pack of Social Club because those blues and yellows are so gorgeous and we'll share the other two packs.  These will be so much fun to use!

The weather was very dull here today so we weren't able to take any sneak peek photos of our anniversary album work, but hopefully Jen will be able to post those tomorrow.  We were sad to see our scrappy sleepover come to end - it went by way too quickly - but at the same time it always feels good to be back at home with your family.

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. Aww, we had so much fun! Boo to it being over. :( Love the picture of the lovely Lady! Yes she is quite the helper. Can't wait to play with those CC goodies!!!

  2. :) First of all, scrapping with you and Jen looks like so much fun! I have to admit, I'm a little jealous. And you have some new fun product! What are you going to do with the twine? I've been working on crocheted flowers (thanks for the inspiration!) and I can imagine they'd look fab in that twine! :)


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