Friday, March 11, 2011

Loving my Scrappy Space!

We've been living in this house now for almost three months and I've finally just settled into my scrapping space.  Being in the basement, this room tends to be cold and not very inviting, so last weekend we finally went and bought a space heater.  What a difference a little bit of heat makes!

I've spent a lot of time reorganizing my stash and my work space.  Being the uber-organizer that I am, I like to keep things sorted and stowed away in boxes and drawers and storage containers but I realized recently that this is not always conducive to scrapbooking because I can't see what's available to me and seem to forget what I have.  So, I've changed tactics and have tried to surround myself with as much of my "stuff" as I can - out in the open, right in front of me, where it's visible and easily accessible and will inspire me to be more creative.

I feel very fortunate to have this cozy little space to call my own!  I spent some time down here today creating this layout:

This photograph of my brother, Andrew, and myself was taken by my father back in the 70's when he was doing a lot of photography.  He would take us along when he went out taking nature pictures and we would explore and have fun just doing what kids do.  As I was organizing my paper stash I came across these sheets of MME paper from four totally different lines.  I loved the way the colours looked together so I went searching through my photos to find something that might work.  This picture was just perfect!

I used sketch #144 from Creative Scrappers.

Well, if the weather stays as cold as it's been lately, this might be a real scrappy weekend, but I'm hoping it will warm up so we can get out for some geocaching.  Wishing you all a fun weekend doing what you like to do!

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. Oh Susan, this LO is amazing!! I love the vibrant colours! These papers look so great with the photo. Hey.... string in the butterfly and tag!!! Yay!!! Glad you had a fun scrappy day!! :)

  2. Me again! Forgot to say how terrific your scrappy room looks! You must be soooo happy! I agree that having the stash surrounding you is the way to go. :) I'll have to check things out next time I'm over.

  3. I'm so glad you have a warm place for yourself!! And what a super-cute LO! The photo is adorable - I just love that muted colour of photos from that era! :) Here's hoping it warms up this weekend like they say it's going to!

  4. a great deal more space available for you to play in. You see moving to AB wasn't so bad ... great spot to hide from the cold. Good color matching of paper to that of your rain coat. DBL

  5. I don't know about you all up there, but it is windier than all get out here. Very COLD!!! Feels more like winter than spring!!!! My scrap space is in the basement too. It is hard to scrap down here because it is so cold!! I love your page!!! I love the colors and that sketch is wonderful with your photo!

  6. Love the layout with you and Andrew. Such a lovely young lady hanging out with her little brother. Your DH


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