Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Last of the Sneak Peeks...

Things moved along very nicely at our weekly get-together today and Jen and I finished up the last of the layouts for our parents' 50th wedding anniversary album.  Phase I of this whole project has been completed! Yesterday we both finished our "homework" from the previous week and today we were able to get two layouts done each.  Lots of sneaks to show you!


You can check out Jen's peeks here.   Phase II starts next week when we'll be working on a smaller 8"x8" album that our parents can fill with photos taken on the day of their anniversary.  That's still 20 more pages to create but it should go faster since they're small and there won't be a lot of room for embellishments. 

The anniversary is not until this summer so it'll be a few months until we can fully reveal all of our work.  We really appreciate how you've followed along with us and left such nice comments.  And that's where Phase III of the project comes in.  We'd like to make the reveal fun and rewarding for you.  And that's all I can say for now!  ;-)

Until next time...
Susan :-)


  1. I love the soft colour palette you're working with! It's not a palette I often choose myself, but I am really drawn to what you've done! I'm excited for the complete reveal. It's going to take y'all 20 blog posts to get through it all! LOL Hope all is well, and that you're enjoying this little warm-up we've been having! :)

  2. Yummy peeks and YAY to the completion of phase 1!! :)

  3. very pleased for you & Jenn that you are accomplishing all this well ahead of time ! fab sneaks !!!


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